Body Object Fetishism

We are Passionate about the work that we do.  Body Object Fetishism, sensuality or desire for a certain part of the body.  For far too long, the Adult Industry has been a stagnant pool of the same content, rinse, recycle, repeat.  We are here to break that notion, to put to rest, that idea and move forward, leading by example.

We are a collective group of Photographers, Videographers and Lifestyle Fetishists.  Our reach, is the world.  To us, the model matters, she is not “filler”.  She is always something more.  She is fantasy, personified.  Through her grace, we are.  We live through her, but also that undying fantasy to carry us for the rest of our lives, at 3 in the morning when no one is around.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Afterdarkkmedia has delivered a perfect product that satisfies even the most demanding Clients. We could not be happier with these products, and so will you!

  • We do not bend to the rule that all Adult Products have to look the same.  We are the epitome of "think outside the box".  It's not about your hard earned money, it's about your happiness and product satisfaction after your purchase.

  • From Los Angeles to Prague and everywhere in between, we showcase the beautiful work of our content shooters from around the world.  Our partnerships and our demand for perfection from our directors guarantee the makings of something beautiful.

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