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Hi, and Welcome to the Afterdarkkmedia Affiliates Program.  Now you can experience great retention rates, conversions and promotional content from all of my concepts, to set you on the right course for success.  All of our content is lovingly edited, and shot in house, either with Chaz Fontana or one of our European Producers.  We are grateful for this opportunity.

“One of the things that really pissed me off about porn, and one of the reasons that I started this company, was that the video was just bland.  Undress, kiss, lick each others tits, oral, dildo, rinse and repeat.  There were no targeted websites for people that just wanted to see pretty women suck each others tits for awhile.  No licking, so kissing, no spitting, just 200% lesbian tit worship.  There were no long labia specific sites, for good hearted folks to watch two women worshipping each others long labia.  With foot fetishism, there was not a focus on long toenails, nor were there foot sites that celebrated tattoo culture or the gothic scene.  With pantyhose, where were the feet?  I love legs, but what about top shots of beautiful feet, toenails shimmering through the sheer fabric of pantyhose?  I started producing content to change this”.

~ Chaz Fontana “Interview with Digital Divas Online 2011

Targeted Niche Sites

For Fetishists, by Fetishists

Total Passion

We Love What We Do!

Great Conversions

We Convert Under 1:500

Mission Statement

I will not be a faceless affiliate program that has no interaction with it’s base.  It’s webmasters, the people that work at 3 in the morning, making it possible for my content and concepts to reach a larger audience.

I will answer all emails in a timely manner.  I won’t be that affiliate program that I connect with and wait for any email, but most likely no response.  I have felt that frustration and I will not walk that path.

I will provide you with the tools that you need to succeed.  I will help you as much as possible, to get you everything that you need to help me put the word out there that there is something different and wonderful to behold, “just click this link”!


As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to promote some of the most popular niche fetish websites on the net right now.

~ 50% Splits on New Joins and Rebills.  Clicks are tracked via cookie.

~ I will also trade traffic with you, if you so desire, to some of the busiest fetish directories online.

~ You will get paid out each and every week, via CCBill.

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Hey, if you need anything, please send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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