Rules – Please do not promote any other website, by link or image, using our content.  Please do not link our content with any other url or landing page, except for ours.  Violators will be 86’d from our program ASAP, if you are caught doing this. Image .zips Movie .mp4

Beautiful Foot Models Link Code – < your code Movie .mp4

Foot Worship Amateurs Link Code – < your code Image .zips Movie .mp4

Jugg Models Link Code – < your code Image .zips Movie .mp4

Sensual Pantyhose Link Code – < your code

Please feel free to use any of the above content for promotion of  I feel that since is a network site with access to all of my membership sites, that this would be a good way to go with this content.

I update my promotional content bin twice per year with 6 new sets for each website.  3 zipped image sets and 3 1080p movie trailers.  If you need any additional content or a temporary membership pass, please email me.  You must have a review format of some sort, to get access!  However, around the holidays, I give all of my affiliates temporary access so you can check my content out and see why you are promoting us!

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