Hello Exclusive Members!  First of all, I would really like to thank you for helping me do the love of my life, and that is niche, fetish erotica.  Only with your support, can I afford to keep bringing out the best talent in the world, and showcasing them for you.  I truly appreciate your donations in the way of memberships and I hope to keep rockin’ till I’m 70!

Tips for Viewing Movies – Please note that all of our movies are encoded at the h.264 codec, which is a universal codec and is a part of the mp4 family of modern codecs.  All of my membership movies are in a tube format.  Meaning that the windows in “full screen” mode, size according to the device.  There have not been any issues with this.  The movie will “buffer” for a second or two while the player determines the appropriate file to serve, based on bandwidth.

The movies are all in true 1080p spec, which is a data rate of 11.3 mb/sec.  Please note that our down converted 4k to 2k files are encoded at a data rate of 17 mb/sec.