Fetish Models

I am looking for passion.  An open minded view of the world and raw sensuality..  Our fetish models are our family, and if you do in fact model for us, chances are that you will be called back, in the future for more work from us.  We want women who are comfortable with their bodies and realize the power that they posses with the wares that they were born with.  Amateur or Professional talent, it doesn’t matter.  If you have beautiful feet, are naturally busty with big to huge areolas or have the gift of long labia (over 4″ spread”), we are already very big fans of yours.  Please check out the info below.  Everything you need is here to get started.

How It Works

Modeling for us is easy.  We typically book day shoots for models across the United States and abroad.  We do day shoots.  What is a “day shoot”?  We will fly you out early, usually booking your flight in the late morning.  The flights are direct with no layovers.  You get here, we pick you up, bring you to our studio and we work together.  You sign a simple model release when you get here, and we pay you at the conclusion of our time together.  We take you back to the airport, usually for an early evening flight and you’re home that night.

  • Foot Models
  • Naturally Busty Models

We love women with beautiful feet.  And the stinkier, the better.  Especially since I will be doing a foot worship skit with you.  We’ll probably have you wear your stinkiest flats or Tom’s on the plane.  These shoots are non nude, down to panties at most, and short skirts at worst.  These are “cheesecake” shoots.  You have to have your toenails painted before the shoot.  We will go over colors, shoes, outfits and everything else.  You must not have scrapes, cuts or any other damage to your feet.  These shoots are easy breezy, with 3 outfit changes and sets covering barefoot, pantyhose as well as foot worship.

These shoots are also very simple.  They are semi nude, down to your panties.  We prefer that you have areolas at least 4″ across and your bra size is a DDD or larger cup size.  These shoots are 2 outfit changes, one solo and the other with another female model, worshipping your gigantic natural tits and areolas.  That’s about as crazy as it gets.

Terms and Conditions

1. Please be aware that you will receive a written contract before we book your flight, simply stating that you will show up to the airport, fly out and model for us. This covers us from any… ahem, shady sorts, agreeing to the gig and not showing up. If you default, you are responsible for the cost of the flight plus 100.00.

2. Daily rate, this depends on your audience reach. If you have never modeled before, you have no reach, we will tier pricing accordingly, we pay above industry standard, plus free transportation to and from the airport and we even buy you lunch!  Why? Because we want to wow your socks off!

3. You must have a state or government issued I.D. before any shooting can take place. This is a must and we are mandated by this by the Dept of Justice. Plus it’s just the decent thing to do.

5. If you would like references, please do inquire, we have over 100 stellar reviews by over 100 stellar models!

6. Please be clean… unless your a foot model, then I will just have you jog a mile or two before I worship your feet (kidding). If you are a busty model, please be bathed, shaved and ready 15 minutes before shoot time.

8. Shared Content you say? Not unless you’re giving me a free shoot.

9. The day of taking you to the airport, please be ready and in the pick up zone, 15 minutes before we pick you up. Please!

10. If you require a deposit, our deposits are only paid out through Paypal.  We will also ask you to provide a copy of your ID for us.  If you do not show up for the shoot, this deposit will be charged back and you will be out of those funds.  We only pay out deposits 2 weeks before you are scheduled to work with us.  This is on the advice of our attorney.

11. So you shoot for us, next year you fall in love with a civilian and want your content off the internet. We know that most adult producers do not offer any arrangement for something like this, but we totally understand. However, you will need to reimburse us 3x the cost of the shoot, to release content back to you. So feel comfortable about that!

How Much am I going to Make?

Foot Models – Cost of flight is covered plus industry standard pay.  We do 3 different looks, one barefoot, one in pantyhose and having me smell and worship your sweaty feet.  All non nude, all easy breezy.  Shooting time is about 2 – 2.5 hours, allowing 10 minutes per outfit change.

Busty Models – Cost of flight is covered plus industry standard pay.  We do 2 different looks, one solo, which is about 30 – 40 minutes and  girl/girl breast worship, which is about 1 hour, allowing 10 minutes per outfit change.

Reach Out

Hey, if you need anything, please send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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