I am skinning all of my directories since I’m opening up advertising to all of the niches I cover.  This page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and will be live late Fall 2023.

Social Media Feet

6000 surfers per month

bounce rate ( 67% )

session duration ( 1:40 )

traffic source ( organic )

10.00 per month right sidebar placement

15.00 front page placement

site code – smf-ff

Google Stats

Foot Adoration

37,500 surfers per month

bounce rate ( 40% )

session duration ( 2:10 )

traffic source ( organic )

50.00 per month right sidebar placement

150.00 front page placement

site code – fa-ff

Google Stats

Sheer Porn

20,000 surfers per month

bounce rate ( 74.2% )

session duration ( 1:10 )

traffic source ( organic )

30.00 per month right sidebar placement

100.00 front page placement

site code – sp-ff

Google Stats

Busty Magazines and Busty Directories

As far as Big Chested Models, Busty Curvy Babes, Busty Cam Babes, Busty BBW Porn, Busty Babe Tube and Naturally Voluptuous goes, idk, I’m doin like 1/4 million in organic traffic per month with all of them as a family of online busty directories/magazines / tubes goes.  I want to grow my brand to at least 1/2million peeps per month to start with advertising.

I’m picky, but my domains are very dear to me, they are like my children, I wnt them all to be successful and I don’t want to be sharing my traffic stats to the whole world unless I’m proud of the numbers.  With these 6 domains man, Idk, the domains have never been in trouble.  I don’t move my server, like at all, blah blah.  So idk, why i’m having pr probs with them or ranking with, well anything really I want.  I just feel like I need to research that, build some back links and come to peace about where it’s all at.  I’ve never done much of that really, been spending the past couple of decades just trying to preserve data from my community.  But that’s how I feel about it  right now.  If you’d like to put your only fans, many vids, centro, etc on my sidebar, mail me, we can talk, so yah.  Doors open, come in if you want, so to speak.  If you’re a creator, probably pop in and say “hi” if you wish.

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