Client Support – If you are having trouble with a recently purchased subscription to one of our Exclusive Membership Websites, please tell us whats going on! If you are having issues with video playback, please be aware that we only use .mp4, authored in the h264 codec. This codec is the future of the web and is fully endorsed by the W3C World Wide Web Consortum. That being the case, please be aware that Chrome, Safari and Explorer are .mp4 friendly, Older versions of Firefox, are not.

Also please be aware that the frame what all of our websites reside, is encoded with the latest HTML5, CSS3 framework. If you use older browser versions than August 2013, some of or all of the elements of the page might not render correctly. At this time, however, there are no known issues of our framework that is affecting any particular browser at this time.

If this information does not fix your issue, please email us and we will get back to you, same day!

Trouble with a Subscription – If you have already contacted us and are still having issues, please tell us what the 411 is with your issue and we will email you within 1-9 hours.  If this issue is revolving around you not being able to enter my members  area or your login/password not working correctly, please contact our Merchant Provider, CCBill at 1.888.736.6474.  Or contact them through the website  If that doesn’t work, please contact me directly and I will handle it for you!

Become a Partner – Get in on free organic, geo and niche targeted traffic.  It’s free, all I ask for, is a backlink or a big shout out on your social media page.  I don’t charge anything to promote your site on my network.  If your site has to do with feet, no problem, we have that, straight, gay, tranny?  We have all of it.  We promote over 70 different niches in the world of adult erotica.  If you have a members area, we may ask you for a quick look to see what you have and take some screenshots and build some custom promotion for you, but I ask permission for everything.  We own our own, non pirated tubes, built for trailers, we also have a variety of great tools to further promote your concept.  Mail me and tell me about yourself and website.

Advertise on Our Niche Fetish Network – I Would You like to tap into the power of 250,000 surfers per month?  We have targeted plans to give you that extra boost by renting ad space on any or all of the websites in our network that you wish.  This happens same day, for your convenience.  For more information, please do not hesitate to email me and tell me what you are interested in and we can go from there.  We offer economical first or second page plans from 50.00 per month.

Become an Affiliate – Get on board with some of the best converting sites in the industry.  We are very niche and very particular about the quality of our content.  This is a no brainer if you are an affiliate driven webmaster.  Please check us out HERE!

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