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Hi, and thank you so much for your interest in working with Afterdarkkmedia.  We have only been in existence for just under two years, and have already been featured in over 20 fetish magazines and publications including Hustler’s Taboo, Skin Two and others.  Personally Chaz Fontana has been featured in the LA Weekly, Westword, HBO’s Real Sex 23 and numerous others.  We are blessed and you will have a great experience helping us out.

Below are general rules and regulations pertaining to models that are working with us.  We’ve seen basically everything in shooting over 100 models, so these are some general rules of the road, so to speak, based on our experiences.

You must be on time.  Most of our talent, we fly down from out of state and time is always a factor.  If you are over 30 minutes late, your shoot, or part in a shoot will be cancelled with no compensation.  These are expensive shoots most of the time and I will not lose a scene because you are an hour late.

Please have your makeup done by the time you get here, except for touch up. Escorts.  Please be aware that I am not some TCFD photog somewhere.  If you absolutely have to have an escort (solo shoots), they will not be in the same room as you and I are shooting, period.  They can, however, be in a chair in the back of the space and read a book or something.  You are responsible for your escort, if he/she is rude, demeaning or threatening in any way, the shoot is immediately cancelled and you with have your compensation pro rated from the time we started until the time it ended. Escorts (girl girl shoots) are not allowed.  My models that I fly down are not girls off model mayhem, they are industry actresses and I will not have them feeling uncomfortable because someone wants to bring her boyfriend, bff etc to be creepy.  Many of these women have a fan base and after 2-3 bad experiences, this rule is in stone.  If this doesn’t work for you, we are not a good fit.

You have access to references of the models that we have worked with.  Please use them.

Please make sure your outfits are not ripped, torn, etc. Please make sure your pedicures are not chipped, old, not glossed, etc.

Foot models, you will have to not cut your toenails for 2-4 weeks before the shoot.  I hate short toenails, but longer toenails are more elegant and a key part of my concept.

Busty models, please bring a nursing bra if you have one, as most of our skits are domme/submissive based.   I will not have a house model having a bad experience because of your personal hygiene.  This does not happen, but this rule is to ensure that it never does. Foot Fetish models, please have your feet stinky when shooting.  I know, I know, but I am a lifestyle fetishist and I really enjoy it, and it adds realism to the shoot.

Please do not bring your whole wardrobe to a shoot.  2 outfits to choose from are fine, per shoot, wth a maximum of 6.

Please shave your legs, good lord, lol.  We do not cater to that niche.  I shoot in 4k video, so it picks up everything so please be mindful of this. You will be paid immediately after your shoot, you will definitely need to sign your model release for monies received. I do not trade content.  If I did, I would not be paying hundreds of dollars per shoot.  If you have a website or clips store that is fine, but we would have to arrange another shoot specifically for that.

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