Hi and thank you so much for responding to my modeling inquiry.  I take great pride in the fact that I hand pick each and every model that I book to represent my brand of fetishism in todays world.  I believe that you would greatly enhance my vision for this genre, so again, Thank you!

Compensation 1000.00.  This will be in cash.  This will also be given at the time that you sign your model release.  You will also need to sign the model release that you have funds recvd.  This will also be in cash, unless you’d prefer a certain amount paypaled to you and your balance in cash.  This is a basic model release, nothing too crazy.

• I usually work with my models multiple times for multiple concepts.  I am always looking for new talent, when you have a great shoot with me, please tell your friends and if I book them, you get a 50.00 referral fee for each one of your friends I book and work with.  Funds are paid through paypal and are paid, the day of your referrals shoot.

  • Shoot Details
  • Flight Details
  • My Itinerary

Foot Fetish

I am a foot fetishist and I love worshipping pretty girls with stinky feet.  I will ask you to wear a pair of old flats or shoes or heels that will make your feet sweaty, the day of your shoot.  No socks please.  This aspect adds realism to my foot fetish concept and this will make it easier to get deeply into the pheromones of your feet.

I also think that longer toenails are more elegant, just past the tips of your toes, to me constitutes “long toenails”.  Please make sure, iff you do your own pedicures, that your toenail polish is neat and clean looking.

Please bring 4 – 5 outfits to choose from.  You are a busty model, so all low slung tops would be preferred.  With the foot fetish shoot, short/mini skirts are also encouraged.

As far as heels, if you have any patent leather heels, those are preferred, as well as open toed heels that are not scuffed all to hell and look clean.

This shoot is basic “Goddess worship”.  Please Do Not scrub the callouses on your feet if you have them, I will take care of that.  Basic domination and verbal is as crazy as it gets with this one.


If you happen to have any nursing bras, those are preferred.  If not, that is totally fine, please bring bra’s that can be removed easily.  Any “specialty” bras are also appreciated.  I love the size of your areolas, they are so powerful, that is the motif for breast worship.  Areola adoration with basic verbal.

Pussy Worship

I love filming women feeding women.  In all aspects of the word, feed.  My house model will not be getting up from servicing you, until you cum in her mouth.  Basic verbal with this one as well.  Extra points if you might happen to have long labia.  As this is a very intimate experience for all involved, please have a recent STD test. (within the month) A standard STD panel from planned parenthood is fine.  My house model will also have a recent STD test.

Here, you will find a copy of your flight details.  I will be picking you up from the airport.  I usually have you back to the airport via Lyft that I cover.



Please note that this schedule is subject to change.  Please refer to this page the day of your shoot to make sure that the schedule has not been changed.  Approx. times will be available when your flight is booked.

a.m. flight to Denver

travel to shoot location (east downtown Denver)

foot worship shoot 30 minutes

outfit change

barefoot shoot solo 40 minutes

outfit change

pantyhose shoot solo 40 minutes

“deeper into worship” 30 minutes

break/lunch 45 minutes

outfit change

busty solo shoot 30 minutes

outfit change

girl/girl breast and pussy worship 1.5 hours

end of shoot

travel back to airport

pm flight home

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