Ok, reindexing 1700 porn sites takes a HUGE amount of time, especially for one person.  It’s alot to even attempt to wrap my head around it, lol, it never ends. My girlfriend absolutely hates me… sometimes. I wake up, take a shit, eat and do this for 16 hours a day. I started this little redesign project back in June. I am looking at the fall, to be done and have everything working the way I want it.

What I am really concentrating on is

Busty Cam Babes

Long Labia Lesbians

Long Labia Porn

Girl on Girl Tube

Hot Fetish Babes

Hot Net Babes


Gay Cock Worship

Add to that, we are a small firm, operated by myself and ….. Yeah. We serve over 300 thousand hits to our partners, monthly. I have over 30 websites that are created, coded, sourced, promoted and updated by… you guessed it. And to add to all of that, I am shooting content as much as I can. So the redesign, network wide, will take awhile. I appreciate your patience and good energy. But you know what, I am not getting rich off of this, the adult industry is a labor of love, at this point, because of all of the fucking pirates and illegal tubes out there, so I have the luxury of taking my time.

Ok, fuckers, that’s the update for the Late Summer, Fall and Winter.  I’m looking to have every site online by January 1, 2016. 🙂

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